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The curators at Eos believe programming music for use in business environments is completely different from programming for consumers. Eos still offers traditional music formats, but they’re simply too narrow to work in many business applications, where music must appeal to the widest possible range of demographics, from millennials to boomers. That’s the concept behind Eos Broad Spectrum Programming™ (BSP). The music crosses traditional boundaries of genre and generation, but it all plays nicely together. BSP channels naturally include significantly larger playlists than traditional narrow formats, meaning less repetition and happier employees.
  • Alt Buzz
    The best in modern alternative rock.
  • Beat Lounge
    Uptempo dance, house and synthpop with a fresh vibe; funky yet suave and highly fashionable. Musique très haute!
  • Blue Ribbon Country
    Nothing but All-American country music; the hits of today mixed with recent favorites and the rising stars of tomorrow.
  • Chill Lounge
    Chill beats and sophisticated lounge and exotica provide a cutting edge, urbane soundtrack with a futuristic feel.
  • Coffeehaus
    Home of indie rock, singer/songwriters and adult alternative hits; smart, unique and progressive, perfect for coffeehouses, cafes, bistros and wherever hipsters commingle.
  • Decaf
    The softer, gentler nook of the Coffeehaus. Here, dulcet acoustic tunes from both world famous and undiscovered singer/songwriters evoke a warm atmosphere amidst cold environs.
  • Easy Favorites
    Soft, relaxing adult contemporary pop that spans generations and won't put your customers to sleep!
  • Heritage
    Dust off those Nudie suits and get two-steppin'! Old cowboy crooners and Bakersfield outlaws shine alongside the likes of Garth, Shania and other newer Nashville legends.
  • Joyful
    Enjoy mainstream contemporary Christian hits in a variety of popular genres.
  • Premier Pop
    The hottest, freshest chart-toppers of today alongside all-time pop faves from the last decade.
  • Smooth Vibe
    Cool customers will enjoy grooving to these smooth jazz and "quiet storm" R&B favorites.
  • The Burn
    High energy club and festival hits from world famous EDM DJs, perfect for gyms. Feel it!
  • Throwback
    Memorable pop, rock and R&B hits from the late 70s, 80s and 90s. It's, like, a totally radical mix.
  • Yesteryear
    A boppin' jukebox full of original rock n' roll, soul and rhythm & blues classics from the 50s and 60s.
    A down-home mix of country, rock and blues music that goes great with ribs on the smoker and ice cold beer.
  • BSP Beach
    Sand in your toes, a daiquiri in your hand, and a bright mix of tropical jams to keep it sunny no matter how low the mercury drops.
  • BSP Hot
    Upbeat, energetic pop, rock and dance hits of today, with a few New Classics for extra spice. Feel the energy!
  • BSP Iron
    An eclectic, hi-BPM mix of crowdpleasing rock, pop and dance hits created with gyms in mind? No sweat!
  • BSP Jingle
    Ho Ho Ho! Santa's on his way with a mix of all your favorite Holiday hits!
  • BSP Medium
    The cream of the crop, a curated collection of the best mainstream music of all time; Something for everyone, offensive to no one.
  • BSP Mild
    Mellow, easy favorites; a mix of classic and current lite pop, Adult Contemporary and smooth R&B.
  • BSP Sports Bar
    Put this fan-favorite mix of intense rock and stadium jams in your playbook, and your customers will cheer for more!
  • Bayou Party
    It's a genuine fais do-do with authentic Louisiana zydeco, jazz and blues.
  • Crossroads
    Nothing says America quite like the blues, and here you'll find the all-time greats of the genre, from the Mississippi delta to Chicago and beyond.
  • Jazz Legends
    Mingle with Mingus, chill with Coltrane, relive the original cool; Classic jazz, bebop, West Coast, swing and more.
  • Natural
    Light, familiar instrumentals; a perfect fit wherever the music needs to be low-key.
  • Octave
    Music's true genesis lives here with beautiful, timeless classical recordings that continue to outlive the centuries.
  • La Prima
    Soundtrack the scenes from your Italian restaurant with a bel concerto of Old Country tunes and legendary Rat Pack-era crooners.
  • Mexicana
    Los mejores exitos de Tejano, Norteno y Banda. ¡Arriba!
  • Suena Bien
    Siempre los mejores exitos y canciones de hoy en Espanol.

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